Holiday World Animation

This video was produced to accompany the display stand for Dublin Airport's Holiday World Event in Belfast at the start of 2016. This animation was produced from a list of information that was presented to us by the client.

Visually it had to fit within the DA brand guidelines, so the animation style was pared back to only the allowed brand colours and typeface. The entire pacing of of the animation was constructed to allow for the viewer to read the text and absorb the information in good time.

No sound was added to this video as it was looped for the entirety of the event. So it is a tad bit boring to watch...pretty though.

As well as creating the animation for this event, I had a great part in the design and preparation of the stand itself and other printed materials that were present on the day.

Client: Dublin Airport
Agency: Image Now
Senior Designer: Clara Fitzgerald
Animator/Designer: Deividas Dvylaitis